About Us

We Are Professional

About Wathrah

Wathrah Real Estate Development Company is proud to be part of the global conglomerate
Abdulkader Al-Muhaidib Group AMG .
Wathrah has clear focus on real estate development and investments.
Our mandate is to :
  • Develop Communities
  • Invest in Real-estate
  • Build a Solid Real Estate Portfolio
  • Expand our global outreach.

Our Vision:

Wathrah aspires to become one of the largest players in the Real Estate Development in Saudi Arabia.
Wathrah capitalizes on its world class expertise, outstanding team, plentiful resources and above all this we are proud of being part of the Al Muhaidib.

Our Mission

We Promise our investors the highest return on investment as well as high esteem community recognition.
Our team shares the creed that success is our destiny.
Wepromise our team the best collaborative work environment job security, sense of ownership as well as continuous self development.
Our customers are our communities.
They are the heart of our mission.
We strive to earn their recognition through delivering better living in professionally developed neighborhoods and well integrated communities.